Bjarne Olsen

99th Annual Bjarne Olsen Day

May 14, 2012

Multiple images of Bjarne Olsen through the years

"90" image created by Heidi Olsen

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For a brief moment on a typically, rainy Seattle day on May 14, 1913, the skies parted, the sun warmed the earth, lilies of the valley, peonies and irises let forth their fragrant breath, and Bjarne Olsen stepped into the world. Seattle and the world have been blessed ever since.

How does one celebrate Bjarne Olsen Day?

Typically, one should call, write, and/or email Bjarne and wish him a happy birthday!

One could also plant a tree or some flowers, say something kind to a neighbor, or eat strawberry shortcake and cookies and cream ice cream!

What's so special about Bjarne Olsen Day?

What's not special?!

How does one reach Bjarne Olsen?

When is Bjarne Olsen Day again?

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